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Building on from your standard unsubscribe link on the top and/or bottom of your emails, the List-Unsubscribe field is a command in the header of your email. This is to used to help a recipient to unsubscribe easier and for that data to be fed back directly to the Email Service Provider and to the list owner with the vision to make the unsubscription process as simple and efficient as possible.

Here is an example of a List-Unsubscribe Header:

List-Unsubscribe: <>,<>


The above example consists of two parts, separated by a comma:

  1. One mailto link
  2. One https link

Different ISPs use different methods to show the unsubscribe option. Some prefer mailto, others prefer https. Therefore, it's recommended to provide both options. Of course, it's of uttermost importance, for each provided option to function without flaws. As a matter of course, unencrypted links (http) are insufficient.

List-Unsubscribe in InboxSys

In the content-section of InboxSys campaign tests, you can see:

  • If your List-Unsubscribe header is present
  • If both methods are present
  • If your List-Unsubscribe header is syntactically correct

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