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Once messages are sent to the seedlist, they are listed in the InboxSys app "Messages" section.

From the full list, a preview can be selected by clicking on the eye-icon.

Full details can be seen by:

  1. Clicking on the binoculars-symbol at the far right end of each message
  2. Clicking on the subject line

View E-Mail content and headers

In the top section of the message analysis, the following items can be found:

  1. Show HTML version
  2. Show Mobile version (BETA - )
  3. Message details
    1. InboxSys ID (Link directly to a campaign result).
    2. X-header analysis
    3. Sender address analysis,
    4. Returnpath
    5. Sender IP
    6. Full subject
  4. Show Text version (click "show/hide" / click "show/hide")
  5. Show raw HTML (click "show/hide")
  6. Show full header and mail source (click "show/hide")

In addition to that, you will find the following options:


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