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Send a message to a seedlist and see a full deliverability analysis in InboxSys!

Step-by-step guide

Campaigns are analysed in InboxSys app by sending them to a seedlist. This list consists of 2 parts:

  1. The trigger - this is an address ending with
  2. The ISP seeds - those are the ISP seeds that are sent to Gmail,, Yahoo, and many others.

You can find your personal seedlist in your InboxSys account by clicking on the cogwheels icon in the far right top.

The ISP seeds are showing in the "Inbox Delivery"-section on the individual campaign results. This section shows if the seeds have arrived to the inbox, the spam-folder, or somewhere else. For all mails received, it is possible to show full mail headers.

Messages to the trigger address are the messages that get actually analysed. A message that is not sent to the trigger address, will not be displayed in InboxSys at all. Messages sent to the trigger address only will arrive, but show all ISP seeds as "missing".

Because seeds are matched based on the subjectline, it is important that all subjectlines are exactly the same. If personalisation on the subjectline is being used, personalization variables for each address in the seedlist should have the same content.

In case you would like to test delivery to any ISP not on the list, please don't hesitate to create a support ticket.