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The IP monitor monitors all your IPs at least on a daily base.

Step-by-step guide

InboxSys monitors IPs on a daily base and stores the results for 30 days. Not only the sending IPs of campaigns that have been sent to the seedlist are tested, but also the IPs that can be found in the default and alternative IPs in your domain settings. (account settings -> domain settings)

The folowing items are being monitored:

Clicking on single IPs visualizes the IP history over the past 30 days. The Date-field allows switching the current view to any date in the past 30 days.

The "search IPs" field can be used to search for single IPs. /24 Netblocks can be found by searching for the first 3 octetts in an IP address. In addition to that, the "search IPs" field will match non-numeric phrases, such as blacklists or whitelists, as well.

The full list, or the current output, can be exported in CSV.